Belief is key, but it doesn’t grow of nothing.

As an entrepreneur my ability to believe is key. If I don’t believe in the project on a deepfelt personal level, I don’t sign up for it. Projects are not just about the business opportunity itself. It’s about using a business opportunity to change the world.

To do that believing is key. Life depends on it. When people say they don’t believe in anything, they are either lying or deflecting the unpleasant truth that going through life without believing is impossible.

We have to believe in order to take the next step in life. The question is not if we believe or not. The question is if we are convinced or not. If we are not convinced, we don’t believe. It’s that simple.

Convinced or not

The church has told us to believe first, and be convinced secondly, but spiritual practice was never about that — not even in the original church. It was about gaining experience and gradually mature to a level where we began to believe.

Even God had to convince Moses he existed before he could get him to lead the Jews out of Egypt. Even Jesus had to convince his followers that he was a true master before they started following him.

Believing to learn

When I sign up for a project as an entrepreneur I sign up to learn. To gain experience. I have an initial belief of how the project could change the world, but I’m not fully convinced yet. I have to put in the work — the daily practice — to gradually be more and more convinced about the difference it makes.

True spirituality works that way, entrepreneurship works that way, and life works that way. We have to believe in the deeper meaning of what we do. If we don’t, we dilute our souls to mindless energy bundles without purpose. 

To make a difference in life is to believe in something and gradually see that it’s the right path to take. If it is, life will reward us. If it isn’t, life will lead us somewhere else. Life tends to be funny that way.

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