Making a difference is a choice

In all of my years in personal growth and entrepreneurship I have never met a person who didn’t want to make a difference. And why would I?

Once we start asking the fundamental questions and go beyond the daily routines of life, we all want to make a difference. Period. 

The question is, I have found, if we allow ourselves to make that difference. We all say that we want to, but how many of us actually allow ourselves to make it?

Takes will power

Making a difference is a choice. It will not come to us by itself. We will have to pursue it as an active choice in life. Even if we have a natural gift that allows us to make a difference easier than most people, we still need to make it an active choice to use it. 

It takes will power to want to figure out what kind of difference we want to make, and it takes some intense introspective work to find out excactly how. It doesn’t come by itself. We have to want it.

A light in the shadows

To find those answers we have to dig deep within and align them with who we really are at the very core of our being. Usually the answer is straight forward, but we don’t see it. Our own ideas of who we are shadows the truth. We need someone from the outside to cast light upon those shadows and let the simple truth of our inner being emerge.

To try to make a difference without that alignment will never work. Maybe for a while, but eventually life will lead us back to our natural main track through some kind of resistance. We have to be completely faithful to ourselves if we are to convert our actions to something that makes a difference.

The energy equation

If we are not, the very act of trying to make a difference will suck all energy out of us. We will feel that we sacrifice ourselves every day in order to make that difference, and that’s not how it’s supposed to be. Making a difference should give us more energy than we had to begin with. If it doesn’t we are on the wrong track.

The same is the case for a company. In the business world energy is money, and if making a difference sucks more money out of the company than it gives, then the company is making a difference the wrong way. Then it’s not aligned with its fundamental essence as a company. 


The reason is very simple,

Making a difference is part of a growth paradigm; not a sacrifice paradigm. 

We are not supposed to sacrifice ourselves and our well being in order to make a difference. We are not supposed to hinder growth because we choose to play a bigger part in life than just ourselves. 

On the contrary, we are meant to grow even more as both people and companies by making a difference. The process is supposed to take us higher, not lower.


So, if you find yourself in the situation that your attempt to make a difference in life doesn’t take you higher, doesn’t lift you, doesn’t make you grow, doesn’t make more energy and money than you give out, then you are trying to make a difference that’s not aligned with your core being.

The only answer then is to rethink yourself and find a new way. Something you might not be able to do alone. Our inner light often have to be ignited by an external light shining in.

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