One point reality.

As I grow older it seems clear to me that we can only make a difference through one point reality. Every single person on this planet has that one point inside their mind where everything comes together. Talent, craft, natural behavior, social role and the ability to get paid for it. It’s all part of that one point.

To make a real difference in life is to let everything we do arise from this one point. If we don’t, then something will be missing from the equation, and it will give us trouble. Resistance will build up somehow and lead to unwanted detours in life from where we have to retrace our steps to get back on track.

I have had numerous detours in life because I didn’t realize this principle. Maybe it’s because I’m too stubborn or too curious? I always want to seek out new endeavors and new skills, and once I start I’m too stubborn to quit, even though I find out that it’s not my biggest talent or passion. I just keep grinding away, and as a result I’m always fighting against life instead of having it on my side.

When life gives us resistance it’s because it’s trying to deliver a message to us. There is something we have to learn about ourselves in order to find our one point reality. We can only understand that through resistance. It’s the only thing that makes us think in alternatives. The resistance of life is actually a beacon leading us to our one point reality.

Once we understand what our one point reality is we should simple stick to it and allow everything in our life to evolve around it. It’s like an eternal spring of inspiration and wisdom that we can draw freely on in order to move through life. The moment we leave it we dehydrate and have to find fixes for it. But if we stick to it we will find that it never leaves us no matter where we go. It moves through life with us.

It has taken me more than 30 years to understand this, but maybe that’s what age is for? To understand. By compiling our experience and reflective power we gain wisdom, and it naturally happens proportionally with our physical energy changing and our body deteriorating. We cannot comprehend the power and wisdom of one point reality until this happens. Simply because we don’t see it as long as our body is always chasing life, which is does as long as its energy is young. But when that energy changes from outward to inward, that’s when we get access to the deeper understanding of life.

One point reality arises from that understanding. That reversal of energy. Its magnitude is profound since it has no ending. It’s endless, and we automatically have access to endless ressources when we allow life to flow through the reality of one point. That one thing that is us.

Listen to resistance. Listen to life. Listen to the calling of the one point, and you will find your way home.

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