Hi, I’m Michell Léon. A Danish writer and founder of Five Element Writing.

I have been a professional writer for 25 years and have played with a multitude of genres and formats. The mastery of those doesn’t mean anything, though, if you don’t know your voice, and it’s difficult finding it through genre and format alone.

So in 2020, during the process of writing my first novel, I developed the concept of Five Element Writing to make it easier finding your voice as a writer — and be it.

My signature writing style is the causerie, an old journalistic writing style where you discuss with yourself to reach clarity. I write books, blogs and newsletters, and I write in both Danish and English. My books are written in Danish (my mother tongue), and my blogs and newsletters are in English.

I was born in Copenhagen in 1972 and received a BA in journalism in 2000. Since then, I worked as a freelance journalist, a ghostwriter and a political speechwriter at top government level in Denmark before I jumped into life as a next-big-thing entrepreneur in the online media industry.

After more than a decade in entrepreneurship, however, I realized that I simply function better as a writer, and I decided to focus my original craft and explore it further.


Email: contact@michellleon.com
Tlf.: +45 40345640