Hi, I’m Michell Léon, and I’m a writer.

My signature writing style is the causerie, an old journalistic writing style where you discuss with yourself to reach clarity.

I write books, blogs, newsletters and essays, and I write in both Danish and English. My books are written in Danish (my mother tongue), and my blogs, newsletters and essays are in English.

I was born in Copenhagen in 1972 and received a BA in journalism in 2000. Since then, I have worked as a freelance journalist, a ghostwriter and a political speechwriter at top government level in Denmark, before I jumped into life as a next-big-thing entrepreneur in the online media industry.

After more than a decade in entrepreneurship, however, I realized that I’m happier as a writer, and I decided to return to my original craft and combine it with my many years of experience with personal development and spirituality.

The Seer

Back in 2006 I met my spiritual mentor, Calle Montsegur, an old esoteric Seer living in Andalusia, Spain, who taught me his method and philosophy.

When he died in 2007 it made me write a memoir about him, which included my own process of understanding the science of spirituality and the personal development that followed.

Afterwards, I spent almost 13 years in search for a way to pass on what I learned, but it didn’t click into place, until I accepted my destiny as a writer. In spite of my many talents I had to recognize that Calle Montségur was right when he said that my hands are made for writing.

Shortly after, I founded Five Element Writing. A concept for personal development based on handwriting. Rooted in independent spirituality. It’s my way of giving back.


Feel free to reach out to me on email.